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International Pathways

Accolade by Gateway has been providing globally accredited foundational and higher educational qualifications as well as progression opportunities in collaboration with acclaimed universities in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Republic of Ireland, Singapore and Malaysia since 2008.

Accolade by Gateway ensures an unparalleled learning ecosystem of high international standards including online guest lectures from universities overseas as well as work placements, internships and industry tours that ensure practical application of learned theory. Students are further provided international exposure via participation in international conferences, summer programmes and overseas study tours. Accolade by Gateway also provides expert educational counselling and career guidance to ensure students make optimal decisions for their future. The campus offers facilities for a wide range of sports while the self-appointed Students Council organises recreational activities and looks into student welfare.

International Foundation Diploma

  • International Foundation Diploma in Business
  • International Foundation Diploma in Computing
  • Accolade by Gateway offers Foundation and Diploma courses by NCC, UK that allows students to gain entry to reputed universities across the world. The NCC Level 3 Foundational Diplomas enable students to gain entry to university within one year after completing the Ordinary Level examination instead of the two years spent on traditional advanced levels. The Foundational Diplomas are a more customised qualification suited to the students’ future degree of choice and open the doors to higher education in a broad range of subjects, including Business, Economics, Finance, Computer Science, Game Development, Data Science, Engineering, Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences. Meanwhile, the NCC Level 4 Diploma programmes are equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree and open to students upon completing the Advanced Level examination or a Foundation course. Students also have the option of studying for a NCC Level 4 Diploma while sitting for their Advanced Level, in a manner that does not interrupt or interfere with their ongoing studies.

    NCC Diplomas are designed as pathways to degrees from international universities. Students have the choice of completing their full degree programme in Sri Lanka with University College Lanka (UCL) or transfer mid-way to partner universities in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Republic of Ireland, Singapore and Malaysia.


Business and Finance

Accolade by Gateway offers internationally recognised undergraduate degrees in Business and Finance in partnership with prestigious international universities that lead to a world of opportunities both local and international. Students can complete their entire undergraduate studies at Accolade by Gateway, receiving qualifications from providers such as Teesside University and University of Worcestor in the UK, or transfer mid-way to top class institutions such as the University of Adelaide.

Accolade by Gateway offers a learning experience on par with its international partner universities with an approach that encompasses case-based learning, industry tours and internships and peer to peer collaboration, ensuring students develop practical application skills highly valued by employers worldwide.

Computing and IT

Accolade by Gateway’s cutting-edge international degree programmes in Computing and Information Technology provide students a firm foundation of programming and systems design knowledge and in-demand skills for the fast evolving modern world. Study will involve IT consultancy projects and development of enterprise solutions as well as internships and work placements. Students will graduate with an ideal blend of technical skills, business expertise and work experience ensuring they are fully prepared to work at the vanguard of innovative developments.

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